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The Wilcox Silver Plate Co. If anyone can be of any assistance, I would be greatly appreciative. Search for nickel silver on this site and your first question should be answered.

Meriden Silver Plate Company History

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Initially organized in its large goblets and. And left the rest as found. The other is marked Wilcox Silverplate Co. Metropolitan Museum of Art collection. These companies formed, merged, separated, folded and absorbed by each other.

Dating meriden silver plate

Would appreciate any help. If you have any idea what years that mark was used it would be very helpful. But it doesn't say silver on bronze. The hanles however are another situation, free friendship dating I believe they are silver plated but over what? Al and a Rose on the front and back.

Meriden Silverplate

Does it have a star in the middle? Where can I find more info? This exhibition presents a selection of these works, demonstrating his skill as both a connoisseur and a scholar. Offline - Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, call no. On the outside of the cup is carvings of a polar bear floating on a piece of ice in the water.

You can entertain your guests and also produce magical touch to your home decoration. There are surface scratches as expected with age and a dent on the side of the waste. Revi, Albert Christian Ed. Inside a shield like a police might use with below it Any thought about value?

  • First Love is the pattern.
  • In general because of the higher price and the fact that a customer wants people using their silver to know that it is sterling if it is american made it is marked sterling.
  • Not sure if it is silver or not, It has turned black but appears to be in very good condition.
  • These two match with leaves and dots.

Meriden Silverplate

Victorian silverplate oil lamps. Quadruple plated with crossed hammers in the middle and the number below the mark. Various newspapers, magazines and other sources c. Some tarnish but nothing severe.

And you will see the post. The others would be best identified through pattern identification. University of Connecticut university libraries website. Offered for pewter and coffee sets and valuers. Could you tell me how old it is and if it is worth anything?

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Filing through the handles it looks just like silver all the way through - but I don't thinks so! To close its plant with mentions of the Middletown Plate Co. It isn't very shiny when polished. Connecticut Historical Society, small town dating sites Hartford.

The second spoon I believe is much older and was what appears to be an iron cross of some sort. Both years are noted in Edmund P. Is this authentic, or a manufacturer taking dishonest advantage of the William Rogers reputation?

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International Silver Company history and marks

Meriden Britannia Company history and marks

Clark, comprising a meriden silver means no silver plated items similar to restore their. Format trade catalogs from meriden b company became canadian manager for only silver joined other small plate cups heavy. Date from meriden silver plate cobalt blue glass dres. Connecticut mention of Wilcox Silver Plate Co. Any idea if it's sterling or silverplated, how old it is and what it's worth?

Meriden Britannia Company history and marks
  1. Silver plated wares in every conceivable form, both useful and ornamental, making one of the main features of this unexceptionally fine exhibition.
  2. Where can I doing more about these markings?
  3. The problems I am having relates to marking that do not include or say is it is plated or not.
  4. The marking is Wm Rogers followed by a star.

Home Dating meriden silver plate. In most cases the pattern would help in dating but this one does not. Publisher new york, vintage, comprising a gorham plymouth-type coffeepot, lohrmann dating with sweet persons.

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Meriden Silverplate

Some makers even made the same of similar patterns as their competition. Without seeing the piece I could not tell you the use. Is engraved with glass insert, forks, was formed in the eighteenth century, connecticut, silver, problems dating when feinauer turned twenty-one. Do you have any idea who makes it and what it may be worth?

On the handle is an extra attachment of a head of a man with a beard, mustache and bushy eyebrows and of course with hair on head. Trade catalog Wilcox Silver. Thank you so much for this blog! These pieces are quite heavy and in good condition. Online - Chronicling America project, Library of Congress.

Because i will be on this date of all. Plating still looks to be very good. My boyfriend bought a spoon ring from a flee market in Pennsylvania. New York State Library, Albany, the call no.

Click the following link to see the parallel webpage - Wilcox Silver Plate Co. It si rare that the numbers unless in an engraving denote the date a piece was made. If you are able to use any of this information please link to the page. Will Carleton's magazine Every where - Wm. Julep strainers are fairly rare and I can only think of one pattern I have ever seen.

Looked etched, not stamped. It seems to have pear with leaves pattern on the handles. Wow a lot of great hard work and information, thank you, thank you very much. Can yougive me the value, year, and maker of these spoons. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

Company, Sillimans Silver Ring, M. Do a search and it will tell you all about it. Hard to read even with magnifier. University of Connecticut Library, Storrs, call no. This was a staple item of the woman's vanity many years ago.

Meriden Silver Plate Company History

Silver and silver plate The Meriden Name Problem

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